The Tacoma Chinese Garden and Reconciliation Park was created by the vision and efforts of the Chinese Reconciliation Project Foundation and the City of Tacoma, in order to preserve a historical memory of the tragic expulsion of the Chinese people from the city of Tacoma in 1885.  The park also serves as a model of reconciliation for other communities around the world that have experienced similar events.

We invite you to take part in this park’s symbolic passage through history, in which you will experience the Journey to Gold Mountain, explore the Life of Early Chinese Americans, travel the Path of Expulsion, and emerge on the road towards Reconciliation.

The Tacoma Chinese Garden and Reconciliation Park has been designed as a place of healing and harmony. As you walk along the interpretive pathways, through the sculptured landscape of Chinese gardens, and enjoy the natural beauty of Commencement Bay, this park will provide you insight to reflect upon the past, ponder the present, dream of the future, and celebrate our cultural diversity and common humanity.